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Consumer Education and Training Program (CENTS)

(206) 267-7040
CENTS provides free financial management courses to financially troubled individuals who are near or have already reached the financial breaking point. The Personal Financial Management Instructional Courses (INNOVO) fulfills the post-filing financial management course requirement found in the bankruptcy law and costs $30. Call to reserve a class space or to find out more information.

Consumer Education and Training Services(CENTS)

In the alternative, CENTS offers an on-line Pre-Filing Credit Counseling Course at $15 per person, as well as a Post-Filing Debtor Education Course at $10 for the single filer, or $15 for joint filers. Both of these courses are available any time 24/7 and the Certificate will be e-mailed to you or your attorney by the end of the next business day. To sign up for either of these easy, fast, self-paced, no fail courses, go to and follow the prompts. Note: To successfully sign up for the Post-Filing course you will need the following information: Your case number, the district where your case was filed, and attorney’s email, if you want your certificate emailed to their office.

Consumer Counseling Northwest

1 (800) 244-1183
A non-profit organization that provides advice and educational opportunities to help consumers gain the necessary skills to make smart financial decisions including a debt management program & educational classes.

American Consumer Credit Counseling

1 (800) 769-3571
A non-profit organization that helps people regain financial control through debt consolidation and credit counseling.

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