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Debt Settlement

There are plenty of alternatives to bankruptcy, and we’re happy to explore alternatives.  Often, bankruptcy isn’t the right (or first) choice.  As a result, we also represent consumers who need other means of protection from creditors.  Don’t worry, it’s our job:

Abusive Collections Practices (FDCPA)

We can help consumers who have experienced abusive collections practices. Abusive collections practices include: excessive calling or harassment of the debtor, calling parties other than the debtor (friends, family members, employers, etc.) to reach the debtor, lying or using deceitful tactics to make debtors accept calls or pay debts.  We don’t tolerate this type of behavior.  You shouldn’t either.

Collections Defense

We can represent you in matters related to your debt.  If someone’s trying to collect from you an alleged debt, or you’re being sued, there are a lot of things we can do to assist you with Collections Defense.

Debt Settlement

Depending on your income and amount of debt, bankruptcy might not be the best option for you. We can help you explore and execute different options such as debt settlement and help you negotiate debt owed to a creditor.

2 thoughts on “Consumer Rights

  1. H. Henry Nice

    Consmer protection case: regarding a wrongful private party tow n impound.
    i thought i parked legally on street right of way. private party claim the shoulder of the road is private property and requested that Dicks Towing impound my vehicle, fees about $1000. there was no way for me to know this was at least in part private property because there is no signs what so ever.The private party paved the strip along the sholder and added a curb, so looks like public parking, but apparently the private party says it is now a parking lot. And they say the public easement is their driveway, but it appears there is not enough space to park a car without using part of the road easement. Again no signs what so ever. the private party is a church, and they have a seperate parking lot that is very large on there lot(s). the tow charge seems unreasonable as well for a 2 mile tow.
    please call n discuss case further. Henry Nice 206-235-8973

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