About Us

At Antoinette M. Davis Law, PLLC, we care for our clients, we care for our work, and we care about providing to individuals and families valuable services at an affordable price.

Our practice areas and skill sets are geared to problem-solve. To that extent, we seek to provide cost-effective solutions, whether that means negotiating or litigating. We’re not “hired guns,” so we don’t have a scorched-earth litigation policy. Rarely is that the best approach. But we do have an extensive litigation background, and so we’re trained and prepared to take a case to trial should the need arise.

There are plenty of alternatives to bankruptcy, and we’re happy to explore alternatives. Often, bankruptcy isn’t the right (or first) choice. As a result, we also represent consumers who need other means of protection from creditors and debt collectors.

We are also committed to giving back to the community and as such, each of us makes volunteerism a priority. It’s not an aspiration; it’s a requirement at our firm.

We know that you’re not reaching out because everything is just fine (although we’d love if you did). We’re here to help you through whatever tough time you’re having.

Our purpose is to be excellent at what we do, to be effective problem-solvers, and to treat our clients like the people they are.

We think it’s what makes us different.

Practice Areas

Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection, Debt Settlement, Foreclosure Prevention, Mediation, Short Sale Negotiation, Estate Planning, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Last Will and Testament, Civil Litigation

  • U.S. Bankruptcy Court – Western District of Washington
  • Credit Counseling Agencies approved by Department of Justice
  • Washington Law Help